Missus Weiner Is Pregnant


Democrat Anthony Weiner’s slime trail deepened last night, as the New York Times reported his wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant.  She hasn’t said much during the scandal, and is currently on a trip to Africa with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Abedin, say friends and colleagues, still believes she can salvage his political career, and wants to help him do that,” according to an ABC News report.  “She has been leaning on and getting advice from her boss, Hillary Clinton, and her sister, say friends.”

Uh-oh.  That’s not good news for the growing bevy of Weiner women.  Since you ladies are all, by definition, Internet-savvy, I suggest you Google the phrase “bimbo eruptions” and brace yourselves for what may be coming your way.

Abedin might be practicing “Stand By Your Man” in a north African karaoke bar with Hillary tonight, but the rest of the Democrat Party continues to turn on Weiner.  The list of Democrats calling for his resignation now includes former governors Ed Rendell and Tim Kaine, DNC candidate recruiting chief Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania, Rep. Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts, Rep. Larry Kissell of North Carolina, Rep. Michael Michaud of Maine, Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas. 

Over in the Senate, Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Mark Pryor of Arkansas have had their fill of this overcooked Weiner.  Dianne Feinstein of California pronounced herself “dismayed.” 

Speaking of dismay, the world now knows more about Anthony Weiner than it really wanted to, because Andrew Breitbart made the mistake of bringing a highly explicit photo Weiner had emailed to one of his paramours into the “Opie and Anthony” studios yesterday.  The shock jocks prodded Breitbart into passing his smartphone around, and a camera caught the image displayed on its screen. 

Breitbart is said to be “horrified,” while Opie and Anthony assured the world he played no willing part in releasing this dreadful image.  I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson about passing photos of someone’s junk around the Opie & Anthony studios.  Some of us may have known that was a bad idea prior to yesterday.

The fifth of the six women Weiner has publicly admitted to flirting with online has been identified.  She’s Traci Nobles of Georgia, and she might be looking for a new roommate.  She didn’t want to go public, but her roommate accessed her Facebook account and sent a screen shot of some saucy Weiner interplay to the Las Vegas Sun.  Mixed in with the flirtation was an attempt by Weiner to arrange a meeting, although the Sun notes “it’s not clear from what’s presented whether it’s a meeting that was to take place online or in person.”

Nobles was not exactly a passive victim of the Weiner libido.  According to the Sun, “She’s posted suggestive messages on his public campaign site several times, requesting right after the midterm elections to sit in Weiner’s lap, with an accompanying phallic joke, and encouraging him on more than one occasion to conduct his official business — especially if it would be broadcast on television — in the buff.”  The Hillary Clinton bimbo-destruction machine may have its first target.

This exchange with Nobles occurred in August 2010.  Weiner and Huma Abedin were married on July 10, 2010.  In one of those stranger-than-fiction twists, legendary horndog Bill Clinton officiated.

At this rate, we’ll be talking about the seventh of the six women Weiner was flirting with by next week, and perhaps finding inappropriate text messages from mid-July.