Trump: Anthony Weiner Is A Psycho


Donald Trump says he knows embattled Democrat Anthony Weiner “very well,” and does not like him one bit. 

“He called me all the time, looking for campaign contributions,” Trump says in his latest “From the Desk of Donald Trump” YouTube video.  “He would never stop.  He’d give me all sorts of phone numbers.  Fortunately, I don’t think I ever called him.”

It’s even more fortunate that you never exchanged emails with him, Mr. Trump.  If you’ve got anything from Weiner in your in-box, I suggest deleting it without opening any attachments, and then soaking your computer in hot, soapy water for several days.

“The fact is, Anthony Weiner is a bad guy,” Trump declares.  “He’s a psycho.  And when this came out, I was not surprised at all… he was like a boiler ready to explode.”  By this came out, he means… oh, hell, you know what he means.

Trump theorizes that Weiner’s salacious interests were more important to him than his career, “or probably he just had a death wish.”

“He’s a liar, and he should never, ever be allowed to run for office again,” Trump concludes.  “What he’s done is incredible, and what he’s done to his family is truly a shame.”

As grim as that sounds, Donald Trump is an optimist who excels at finding silver linings around dark clouds.  “The fact is, one thing good came out of Anthony’s mess: I’ll never have to give him campaign contributions, and that’s really wonderful.”