The View on Weiner

Elisabeth Hasselback from “The View” called for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign today, sparking controversy among her co-hosts. Barbara Walters blandly asks why he should resign, and Hasselback responds that, “How are we to suppose that after a week of lying, he would tell the truth about anything?”

Walters tried to take Weiner’s side, calling his lewd photo scandal “a horrible mistake,” but apparently not horrible enough for resignation because it was supposedly not on “company time.”

Whoopi Goldberg had a different take on why Weiner should resign: “My question is: if you saw two months ago that another Senator or Congressman was kicked out for sending a picture of his chest; you saw what happened to him, that you are so dumb, that you don’t realize that that means people are watching for that kind of thing? And you turn around and do it? Then I have to question if you are smart enough to represent me.”