The Sorry State of Liberal Punditry

You know there’s a crisis afoot when the man who just returned to the airwaves after serving a suspension for calling Laura Ingraham a slut sounds like the most rational man in this panel discussion. Enjoy the comedy gold as Salon’s Joan Walsh, who still owes an apology to Andrew Breitbart and company, laments the fact that Anthony Weiner made her look stupid. Uh, sorry Joan, you did that all on your own. Maybe you shouldn’t be so eager to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who looked so obviously guilty from the outset.

This is what the left is reduced to. No matter how obvious, no matter how simple a story may be, if the original source reporting it is from the right, never mind the dreaded Andrew Breitbart, then it just cannot be true. Instead of following up on a lead from a Breitbart or, say, Fox News, the first reaction is to immediately discredit the source rather than investigating the allegations. Or as was the case with Weiner from the get-go, the clear and irrefutable facts.

Instead, they just want to believe the accused, as befuddled CNN babblehead Wolf Blitzer  admits.

“I’m saying to myself, you know what, it sounds to me like it may have been his picture, but it was out there, but somebody else hacked it and somebody else sent it out to embarrass him. I sort of believed, you know, that line,” he confessed.

Which makes one wonder what the heck Blitzer is reading. We have our ideas. Which brings us to Lachlan Markey, who has a recap of the most absurd defenses of Weiner. Not content with being exposed as frauds, some are doubling down on their idiocy, likely as a result of personal humiliation, not to mention professional jealousy. You see, they will defend Weiner and most any other corrupt Democrat because their hard-left ideology consumes them. It’s all they can identify with as they insulate themselves inside a protective bubble populated with like-minded sycophants. Opposing viewpoints are forbidden and God knows, whatever you do, don’t ever let Breitbart receive credit for anything.

Then, without hesitation, rather than cop to being made to look like schmucks, the next reaction is to play the hypocrisy card. This is running rampant on leftwing blogs and news sites, where comments sections are filled with screeds about David Vitter or John Ensign, a pair of GOP senators caught up in scandal (note Vitter was re-elected in Louisiana last November while Ensign recently resigned). They have no logical defense of Weiner, so all they can do is lash out, hysterically repeating ad nauseum old stories of Republican peccadilloes, as if we were somehow heretofore unaware of these stories.

These are the same folks who always tell us to move on when they can no longer defend a fallen Demcrat, yet obsess over non-stories. Like this.

One can only wonder what depths the hard left would have sunk to by now had Weiner not copped to tweeting his junk and admitted to online “affairs” with “around six women,” or whatever that number might really turn out to be. Around six could quickly become around 20 in no time. But I’m sure Weiner will have some of the “best and brightest” in the liberal media and blogosphere still spinning wildly for him.