Coulter Schools CNN Dimwit

Ann Coulter‘s been making the media rounds promoting her best-selling new book and last night found herself paired with CNN’s import to replace Larry King, Piers Morgan. It wasn’t pretty. If CNN is interested in building their ratings they may want to try someone who isn’t so sneeringly condescending toward Americans.

Morgan must obviously get his talking points from a wide array of sources, such as the DNC, Daily Kos or Media Matters. Otherwise, how can anyone possibly go on national television and embarrass themselves in such fashion? He begins by comparing tea partiers to Fascists and Nazis from the Mussolini and Hitler days, then when that analogy is decimated by Coulter, bracnhes off into the next logical liberal mantra: They’re all stupid!

The fact Coulter has to explain to Morgan why she always has to explain her jokes to the left flies right by him.

Of course, no interview could slip by without the hapless Brit babbling on about Sarah Palin and — wait for it — crosshairs!

How original.

NewsBusters has a partial transcript.

One wonders: Is Morgan even aware a comedian recently hinted at assassinating Palin?