Christie: Public Broadcasting Should Have Ended With the Soviet Union


New Jersey governor Chris Christie announced he would sell the state’s public broadcasting network to WNET of New York today.  He thinks the government should have gotten out of broadcasting a long time ago.  Right around the fall of the Berlin Wall, to be precise.

“We are looking forward to this new partnership, which we think will serve the people of New Jersey extraordinarily well,” Christie told reporters.  “It also meets our goal of making sure government is out of the broadcasting business.  In my view, that should have ended with the Soviet Union.  It’s ending here in New Jersey a little later than the fall of the wall in Berlin, but we’re getting there.”

Emphasis mine.  In fact, I didn’t add the boldface manually.  It just appeared on its own, with a blast of trumpets, and the words are now seared into my computer screen.  I think my monitor is leaking blood.

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Video: Christie’s ‘Soviet’ Remark On PBS: