The Weiner Patrol to the Rescue

What was Anthony Weiner expecting? That’s what you get for having Bill Clinton officiate your wedding! Lots of bad karma with that Bubba gene. Poor Huma–Weiner’s wife.

While Weiner’s pervert factor has definitely risen to DEFCON 1 status by now, the New York City Congressman still has his defenders in the media. In other words, while it’s gotten so bad for Rep. Stub that even Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation, there are sycophants in the press who are coming to Weiner’s defense.

Let’s start with America’s favorite talking corpse, Barbara Walters. On “The View,” Walters, herself an admitted adulteress, attempted to deflect attention away from Weiner by drawing a comparison—get ready now—to… Sarah Palin, and her bus tour.

“[A]nthony Weiner, whom I also know, has a problem,” Walters said. “He can be very sarcastic and very sardonic. And you know there are a lot of times you wish he would not say it. He is a good congressman. He has been an effective congressman. If Sarah Palin can still ride around on her bus and be considered as a possible president, this man can override this, stay in congress and just hope there [isn’t] another scandal that will take him [out].”

Walters’ line of reasoning was so questionable that Joy Behar was even shocked, unbelievably having to explain to Barbara Walters that a nationwide bus tour and “junk” pics are completely unrelated—not even in the same universe. That type of unrelated.

Watch it here:

Then there’s Richard Cohen of the Washington Post. After giving an unenthusiastic condemnation of Weiner’s creepiness, Cohen actually blames the blogosphere for illuminating a scandal that, to him, just boiled down to a member of Congress living out his boyhood desires only.

Today Cohen writes:

We are doing a terrible thing here — we hypocrites of the press, especially of the blogosphere. Every man lives a bit in a fantasy world, maybe women, too, but I know nothing of them. Every man is a boy, either in mind or in deed. Much of this is harmless. There are no bodies. There is no crime. This is the case with Weiner. No damsel was in distress, and no one was rescued.

Cohen goes on to give us the same liberal pabulum that we’re invading a man’s private life and erroneously holding him up to ridicule.

Lefty pundit Alan Colmes decided to post an article on his website titled “Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Standing by My Man, Rep Weiner.”  The blog entry is too dumb to discuss, as one of the stated “reasons” came down to arguing that Weiner’s “flirtations might not be deemed as cheating” depending upon his relationship with his wife.

The reality is that for politicians, their private lives have everything to do with their abilities to serve the public at large. It speaks to their integrity and character. If Weiner can’t demonstrate fidelity to arguably the most important person is his life—his spouse—why on God’s green earth should we expect him to act reasonably toward a constituent he may only know from a rope-line handshake?  

I’m not sure what Barbara Walters doesn’t get with this entire scandal, but any politician who can’t say with certitude that the women he sent his crotch shots to are in fact over 18 is undeserving to hold elected office. But it’s not only that he’s a total creeper. It’s that Weiner seamlessly lied to the entire country for days once the scandal broke. Without any vacillation, without any hesitation, the dude effortlessly looked into camera after camera and told the mother of all lies. 

This liar, by the way, shapes and passes the laws that govern our lives. Scary, isn’t it?

In other news, Dakota Fanning just graduated from high school. Word on the street is that Bill Clinton sent her his best wishes.