Syria Threatens Israel

According to the Associated Press, “A Syrian government newspaper says marches to the border will continue and warns Israel the day will come when thousands of Syrians will return to their occupied villages.”

This comes after a bloody assault on the Israeli border over the weekend, in which 23 Palestinian and Syrian “protesters” were killed after they tried to force their way into the Golan Heights.  The Syrians say this was only an “introduction,” and promised “600,000 Syrian refugees” could march back into the territory they lost by attacking Israel “at any time.”

Deploying that kind of muscle will cost Syrian dictator Bashar Assad a pretty penny.  While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hailed Assad as a “reformer,” there actually is a Reform Party of Syria.  In between dodging bullets and cudgels from Assad’s goons, they found time to report that Assad paid $1000 per head to hire the rent-a-mob he threw at the Israeli border this weekend, with a further promise of $10,000 to their next of kin if they died.

One must give Assad some credit for strategic flexibility.  Defeating Israel in military combat is impossible for thug armies that prefer targets who can’t shoot back.  Invading with a human wave of unarmed stooges and daring a civilized nation to gun them down is a clever alternative, although it’s pretty rough on the stooges.  Even in Syria, there must be better ways to earn a thousand bucks.

I just don’t understand why the Israelis don’t acknowledge the superior wisdom of Barack Obama, cut their nation in half to form a contiguous Palestinian state, and give all the territory they gained after the last few genocidal Arab attacks back to their neighbors.  They live in such a nice neighborhood.