Obama On Jobs: "We Don't Know Yet What Happened???


President Obama has finally ventured an opinion on the horrible jobs report from last Friday.  As soon as this opinion emerged from its hole, House Speaker John Boehner’s office whacked it over the head with a mallet.

“Asked yesterday to explain the jobs report he failed to address on Friday,” writes Michael Ricci on the Speaker’s blog, “President Obama said ‘we don’t know yet what happened in terms of this particular blip,’ half-hearted spin that has already been contradicted by the government official whose job it is to collect the unemployment data.  That’s not all that has Americans – especially those looking for work – scratching their heads.”

Ricci goes on to note that Obama’s top economist, Austan Goolsbee, has decided to blow out of town before “Recovery Summer II” begins melting people’s faces off.  The White House has decided not to hold daily economic briefings any more, doubtless because their funereal atmosphere is so unappealing.  The only measures panicked Democrats can suggest to combat the gathering depression is big tax hikes and more wasted “stimulus” spending.

House Republicans have their own “Plan for America’s Job Creators,” which would lift much of the regulatory burden from entrepreneurs, reduce income tax levels, and dramatically cut government spending.  The top marginal rate of 25% income tax called for in their plan is consistent with the “Better Deal” proposals rolled out by presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty today.  Speaker Boehner has been pushing the idea of spending cuts that exceed any increase allowed in the federal debt limit.

This latest head-scratching quote from Obama highlights the difference between his disastrous approach and what the House Republicans are calling for.  I find it increasingly difficult to understand how any rational citizen can support the Obama approach.  How does it make sense to keep giving more money and power to the man who says every single ramification of his policies is “unexpected?”

This is a failure of philosophy, not just a personal failure of Obama’s.  The whole concept of a centrally-planned economy becomes absurd after two years of “unexpected” news and developments “we don’t understand,” coupled with “blips” that last forever.  It is painfully obvious that the central planners don’t know what they’re doing, and don’t understand why their plans are failing.

President Obama used to be fond of bus metaphors.  Well, the American bus has made several dozen stops now, and each time, we weren’t anywhere near our destination.  The driver keeps telling us he knows what he’s doing, but he’s always the first one to hop off the bus, scratch his head, and wonder where he is.

Of course the countless individual entrepreneurs empowered by the Republican proposals know more about how to create jobs and economic growth than Obama and his ideologically blinded “experts.”  You could peel away the ideology, and those millions of individuals would still beat the credentialed elites, ten times out of ten.  Individuals process economic feedback without the arrogance of a government that can use trillions of tax and deficit dollars to insist it never makes a mistake.  They find opportunity, and abandon mistakes, far more quickly than any bureaucracy.  They have a far better understanding of how many people they need to hire than any official.  The success of individuals cannot be conjured by manipulating statistics, and their failures cannot be argued away in a blizzard of insults and empty promises.

I don’t understand how anyone could still place their trust in people who admit they remain in a state of complete befuddlement which has lasted for two years, even as they have wasted trillions of dollars.  How many times does Barack Obama have to tell his loyal fans that his judgment cannot be trusted, before they hear what he’s saying?