Government Motors Wants Higher Gas Taxes


General Motors CEO Dan Akerson doesn’t think people are embracing fuel-efficient cars fast enough, and he’s got a brilliant solution to “nudge” consumers in the “right” direction: raise the federal gas tax by as much as one dollar per gallon.

You read that right.  A dollar per gallon.  It’s 18.4 cents right now.

Akerson has loads of praise for the nice people who gave him billions of dollars, so he could continue his unsustainable business model.  He told the Detroit News “I have nothing but good things to say about them.”  He’s not talking about you, silly.  Your free choices are what brought GM’s unsustainable business model to the edge of bankruptcy.  He’s talking about the nice government people who took those billions away from you by force, and used them to override the judgment of the market.

Now your judgment in car purchase must be over-ridden once again, and massive new taxes are ideal tool for getting the job done.  The Detroit News tells us Akerson believes “a government-imposed tax hike will prompt more people to buy small cars and do more good for the environment than forcing automakers to comply with higher gas-mileage standards.”

Ah, so he’s worried that consumers won’t be interested in buying the tiny, hideously expensive cars he’ll be forced to make by those Obama mandates.  Obviously, the solution is to force you to buy them.  Problem solved!  What could go wrong?

Remember back when corporate CEOs didn’t get to talk about “imposing” stuff on us?  That was a more innocent age, before the rise of crony capitalism.  People who called themselves “liberals” used to crusade against evil corporations enslaving hapless consumers all the time. 

Well, now you’ve got one of the top crony capitalists openly stating in an interview that he wants to use government force to further impoverish a nation on the edge of depression, in order to compel the purchase of his wares.  His government “partners” lie fluently about the results of the partnership, and fraud is another form of compulsion.

What say you now, anti-big-business liberals?