Syrian Horrors

Bashar Assad, hailed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a “reformer” just two months ago, decided to try “reforming” the Syrian border with Israel over the weekend, by organizing a massive attack on the border by Palestinian protesters.  In the resulting clash with Israeli security forces, 23 protesters were killed.

This left the U.S. State Department “deeply troubled,” according to a spokesman quoted by the Associated Press, because it looked like “an effort by the Syrian government to incite events and draw attention away from its own internal issue.”  Also, it got some Palestinians killed.  Arab dictators love it when that happens.

The protesters were clamoring for the “right of return,” a unique concept applicable to the Palestinians and no other people in the history of the world, which would allow them to flood into Israel and grab every spot where the ancestors of any living Palestinian might have conceivably dwelled.  This would achieve President Obama’s goal of giving Hamas a “contiguous” state… contiguous from Syria to Egypt, and Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea.

Meanwhile, Assad has racked up an impressive 1200 murders in the course of suppressing his domestic uprising, whose courage in refusing to be suppressed is astonishing.  Twelve hundred is just the official body count, mind you.  The actual death toll is likely much higher.

It apparently occurred to Assad that these piles of innocent corpses are becoming unsightly, because Syrian soldiers have been caught planting weapons on the dead, to make it look like they were killed during a firefight.  It should be noted that none of these people appears to be getting the benefit of those fabled Islamic burial practices, whose omission during the aquatic recycling of Obama bin Laden were said to be so troubling to the Muslim world. 

The border-rush incident has left the Israeli government understandably suspicious of its Palestinian “partners for peace.”  Another triumph for Middle Eastern democracy!  We inch ever closer to the unknown country of a future in which the Obama Administration decides Bashar Assad is no longer the legitimate rule of Syria.


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