Students for Daniels Founders Endorse Jon Huntsman

On Friday, Students for Daniels founders Max Eden and Michael Knowles went to New Hampshire to meet with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and came away so impressed that they decided to give Huntsman their endorsement.

The group was very influential in getting Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels to consider jumping into the presidential race. Students for Daniels produced online videos and urged Daniels to run, which he ultimately decided against doing due to concerns that his wife had about the the increased scrutiny his family would receive.

Students for Daniels found Daniels attractive because of his focus on reducing the nation’s ballooning debt, and that is the same characteristic Eden and Knowles saw in Huntsman.

“Governor Huntsman is the strongest candidate on our generation’s biggest issue: the national debt,” said Eden.

Said Knowles: “Jon Huntsman can bring young voters back into the Republican party because he is a serious candidate, a big thinker, and an authentic guy. He is a statesman, not just a politician.”

With this endorsement, Huntsman becomes a serious player to capture the vote of young Republicans.

On June 29, Huntsman will keynote the College Republican National Committee’s convention in Washington, D.C.


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