Hypocrisy Is Not the Only Crime


We are constantly told the only instantly fatal offense for politicians is hypocrisy.  That’s why Republicans disintegrate immediately during sex scandals.   They’re the part of family values and social conservatism, so when Republican Congressman Chris Lee sends shirtless photos to a woman other than his wife, an empty seat in New York’s 26th district is conjured at once.

Democrats, on the other hand, are supposedly immunized from such scandals because they’re the swinging party of free love.  They advocate no standards of sexual morality, so they cannot be held to any.  Conventional wisdom decrees that Representative Anthony Weiner, also of New York, will suffer no serious repercussions for sending pictures of his crotch to a young girl who is not his wife.  We’re not supposed to see this as media bias, because Lee belongs to a party that crusades against such behavior, while Weiner does not.  The hanging offense for scandal kamikazes like Lee, Senator Larry Craig, Representative Mark Foley, and others is said to be hypocrisy.

It’s funny that Democrats never run for office on the platform they deploy to save themselves from scandal.  They do the same thing as most Republicans: boast of their long, faithful relationships with their wives.  They never run as groovy tomcats who think marriage is a prison for uptight squares.  They only drag out their Sexual Hypocrisy Escape Cards when they get caught red-handed.

If the media is sincere that political hypocrisy is the only capital offense in politics, then why didn’t they crusade against tax cheats like Charlie Rangel and Tim Geithner?  Redistributing wealth through confiscatory taxation is the core belief of the Democrat Party.  When they launch class-warfare broadsides against tax reduction, they invariably declare that paying high taxes is a crucial moral obligation, if not an essential component of patriotism.  We heard a lot of that during the lame-duck session of Congress last year, when the Bush tax cuts were on the table, and from people like Joe Biden during the 2008 campaign.

In light of this, why isn’t Democrat chicanery on tax returns exactly the kind of hypocrisy the media tells us should instantly terminate Republican careers after inappropriate sexual behavior?  Democrat philosophy puts a citizen’s relationship with the IRS on the same plane that social conservatives view marital obligations.  The liberal agenda since the Great Society has been all about making Uncle Sam into the universal husband, whose benevolence makes ordinary men obsolete.  A wealthy Democrat who cheats on his taxes is betraying millions of dependent wives.

Oddly enough, the media sees no hypocrisy worth discussion in Democrat tax cheats.  The highest profile perpetrators sit comfortably in their offices to this day, with little fear of the New York Times howling that their presence makes a mockery of socialist principles.  There’s probably no form of malfeasance less like to cost a Democrat his office.

Even more strangely, it might be stodgy old inappropriate sexual behavior that finishes off Anthony Weiner, now that we’re talking about a lot more than one crotch photo.  This is partially because of public revulsion over the lies and belligerent behavior Weiner used in his attempts to shut down the controversy last week.  However, some of it will be due to an ancient truth that social-engineering liberals don’t like to admit: men who run around on their wives are contemptible, and many voters – in every American political party – do not wish to be represented by cads. 

This isn’t just because of stuffy old traditions that only Republicans take seriously.  It is borne from the entirely logical conclusion that no voter can expect a higher standard of loyalty and responsibility from a politician than the standard he holds for his wife.  Weiner’s dishonest class-war politics are entirely consistent with his dishonesty about cybersex.  The arrogance of the Left, which holds the “little people” to countless standards it will not impose on its political titans, has an intensity that transcends mere “hypocrisy.”  Never believe a reporter who tells you hypocrisy is the only sin worth condemning.