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Primetime Propaganda

Ben Shapiro has a new book out, called Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.  It chronicles the very deliberate insertion of leftist thought into television programming, and leaves no doubt this is far more than simply a case of people with similar world-views allowing their biases to seep unconsciously into their work.

Shapiro took an interesting approach to preparing his book: he arranged interviews with Hollywood liberals and politely asked them about their biases, while wearing his Harvard Law baseball cap.  They assumed he was a friendly liberal interviewer and let it all hang out.  (Sorry, I haven’t made an Anthony Weiner joke yet today, and that just bubbled out of me.)

The flavor of the resulting interviews is captured in a few videos created to promote the book.  Here’s a little pinch of hatred from George Schlatter, creator of the biggest comedy of the 60s, Laugh-In:

And here’s a primer in hidden-agenda programming from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry:

Conservatives often wonder how even the lowest-information voter could believe some of the colossally silly things they believe.  It’s not that mysterious.  They believe those things because they have been programmed to believe them, or at least reject alternative ideas with knee-jerk reflexes.  Primetime Propaganda offers a series of frank interviews with the people who wrote the cultural operating system for American decline.

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