Group Celebrates Khomeini's Death in Washington DC (Video)

It was a party.

Several radical Muslims celebrated the death of the founder of the killer Iranian regime in Washington DC this week.

Muslims celebrated the Islamist Khomeini in Washington DC.

Press TV reported:

Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a mover and shaker of world affairs, leader of the global Muslim Ummah. These were some of the ways in which people described Imam Khomeini whose life and legacy were remembered at anniversary of his passing at the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC.

One theme discussed was the impact the Imam had on world affairs and the global shift in power politics in favor of Muslims. American Muslim attendees also discussed the impact of Imam Khomeini on them.

According to participants in the evening of remembrance, Imam Khomeini’s message of Muslim unity remains strong and resonates with the global Muslim Ummah which cuts across sectarian and nationalistic lines.

Similar events in honor of Imam Khomeini have been taking place around the globe, an indicator of his visionary and trailblazing impact. It was 22 years ago that Imam Khomeini passed away, leaving behind a legacy of Muslim unity and active resistance to oppression, a legacy which continues to resonate with Muslims today. Marjan Asi, Press TV, Washington.

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