The Russellville Yearbook


The Russellville Middle School in Arkansas included an interesting little feature in its yearbook this year: the Top 5 Worst People Of All Time.

They are, in order: Adolph Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney.

Yes, a taxpayer-funded public school really published that.  Believe or not, the best part of the story comes at the end.  Keep reading.

The school superintendant, Randall Williams, says the list is an “oversight” that is “hard to explain,” just like those photographs of Anthony Weiner’s crotch.  School board member Chris Cloud told the local Fox News affiliate he was “furious as a parent, and as a board member, and as a taxpayer, and as a resident of Russellville.”

Reportedly, the teacher who sponsored the yearbook is not the source of the list, but is “very, very, very upset about it.”  However, the yearbook editing process is “under review,” and the superintendant would not discuss possible “disciplinary issues” with the press.

If you’re wondering how a middle-school yearbook could be distributed after only a single adult reviewed it, rest assured that “parents caught [the offensive list] after the yearbooks were printed.”  The alert parents promptly notified the school district… which thought it could solve the problem by covering the list with tape. 

When the superintendant was told the tape could be simply peeled off, he replied, “Really?  Well, that’s disappointing, because the yearbook supplier told us this was a definite fix.”

Education cannot be privatized fast enough.