The Pawlenty Pub Crawl


Former Minnesota governor and current Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty rudely interrupted the incumbent President’s European romp on Thursday, with a hilarious message delivered via Twitter:

“Sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan?”

This led the predictable wailing and gnashing of teeth from liberals, which is why Pawlenty’s snarky little Tweet was so brilliant.  There’s nothing funnier than waiting for all the blubbering from liberals to subside, then asking them to explain exactly how Obama does plan to save Medicare.  The resulting hysteria is priceless.

Pawlenty found the glaring weak spot in a Democrat strategy designed around shameless demagoguery, horror stories of Republicans wanting to kill old people, and a Senate Majority Leader who thinks not passing a budget for over 700 days is a smart political move for his party.  Just keep asking them for details on their non-existent reform plan, and note how many things they appear to rank higher in priority than coming up with one. 

Ask them about the $500 billion ObamaCare raids from Medicare, or the unelected Medicare rationing board Obama wants to put in charge of seniors’ heath care.  MediScare Target Number One, Paul Ryan (R-WI), has been doing this at every opportunity.

When Obama can contribute nothing more to the discussion of balancing the budget than a mean-spirited little campaign speech, it is entirely appropriate to ask when he plans to stop hanging around in European pubs and get back to work on the most serious problem facing this country.

Noting that the President’s spokesmen could do nothing more than mindlessly insist “the President has put forth a serious deficit reduction plan,” Pawlenty press secretary Alex Conant finished up the weekend with a bit more pub humor:

“You have to drink a lot of Guinness before President Obama’s budget starts to look ‘balanced’ and ‘serious’.  The White House has no problem attacking conservatives who have the courage to propose plans to save Medicare, but then the President shrinks from the fight when the tables are turned.  It’s pretty sad that one funny tweet is all that’s needed to expose President Obama’s irresponsible hypocrisy.”

Every Republican candidate would do well to remember that one of the best ways to strip this President of the formidable aura of incumbency is to point out just how ridiculous he can be.  Game, set, and match to the gentleman from Minnesota.