Palin in Gettysburg


Sarah Palin kicked off her “One Nation” bus tour of American historical sites over the weekend, and found herself answering questions in storied Gettysburg.  Some video of her appearance is below, courtesy of Conservatives4Palin:

Of course, the topic of whether Palin is running for President comes up.  She says she’s still thinking about it.  I think that’s absolutely true, for all the reasons she gives in the clip.  This bus tour will help her measure her public support, and perhaps fill her with the inspiration to make this most difficult of decisions, embarking on a course that will prove more difficult for her family than any other Presidential candidate in recent memory.  They’re all targets, and no holds will be barred going after them. 

Just last week, Palin got to watch cellar dweller Larry Flynt call her youngest son “a brain dead virtual vegetable,” in the course of boasting that he “made a fortune off her” with a porn video.  She “did a disservice to every woman in America,” said the man who has done so much for the dignity of women. 

The Left has many cellars, and they will all open to disgorge their unlovely contents upon the Palin family if she runs for president, while the media “referees” will ignore them and listen intently for Palin to make a play they can whistle down.

Judging by her appearance in Gettysburg, in which she looks supremely happy even by her usual upbeat standards, Palin may be finding the inspiration she seeks.

At the end of the clip, she says something very provocative about the fiscal conservative agenda: “It’s not a radical agenda at all.  It’s all about allowing the private sector to grow and prosper, by keeping more of what we earn, so we can re-invest in our businesses and create more jobs.  That’s not a radical, obsessive, partisan position to have at all.”

Of course, she knows the Left will paint it exactly that way.  They have deformed the American system in radical and dangerous ways.  Any return to sanity will be painted as radicalism.  The inertia of collapse is behind them.  Do nothing, “stay the course,” make the “comfortable” choice, and ruin is assured.

It will take powerful and inspirational leadership to turn America away from the disastrous future which has been carefully planned for it.  We’ll soon find out if Sarah Palin wants to enter the presidential race, and embark upon a road that has been made more personally difficult for her than any other candidate.  If she wins, part of her prize will be a level of fury from the Left that makes her presidential campaign seem like a cakewalk by comparison.  She may come to view these days aboard the “One Nation” bus as the calm before a storm like no other.