Police Beat Sit-in Protesters in Spain, 121 Injured (Video)

The police were called in to clear the square for cleaning. They did.

Police beat the sit-in protesters with clubs today in Barcelona, Spain.

Via Breitbart TV:

Next time they’ll know to move before the cleaners come.

121 were injured today in Barcelona as police cleared the square for cleaning.

The Washington Post reported:

The protests across Spain over the past two weeks to demand jobs, economic equality, and “real democracy” turned violent Friday for the first time.

Officials say 121 people were injured in Barcelona as protesters clashed with police officers clearing a makeshift camp.

The police had previously told protesters the square had to be cleared so that cleaning services could move in to remove debris. Catalonia regional Interior Ministry spokesman Felip Puig said 37 police were also injured.

He did not say how many people had been arrested. The protests that started just before the elections last weekend reflect the growing anger among 16- to 24-year-olds who face a jobless rate of an incredible 45 percent, and a construction sector slump that has caused nearly two years of recession.