Roadside Bomb Kills 7 Americans In Afghanistan

A pair of roadside bombs detonated and killed seven American members of NATO in southern Afghanistan today.  The BBC calls it “the deadliest single attack suffered by foreign troops in a month,” bringing the death toll among foreign troops up to “almost 200” so far this year.

CNN says this is “the same region in which Taliban forces unleashed multiple attacks earlier this month, in their so-called spring offensive.”  The Associated Press confirmed that all seven of the NATO members killed in the explosions were Americans.

Meanwhile, an amendment designed to cut back military operations in Afghanistan failed in the House of Representatives today, on a tight 204-215 vote.  The amendment would have required the Department of Defense to plan for “accelerated transition of military operations to Afghan authorities,” according to The Hill. 

Democrat sponsor Jim McGovern of Massachusetts wanted to send “a clear signal for the support of a meaningful drawdown of troops,” at a faster pace than the current Administration timetable.