Ed Schultz Gets A Time Out

It’s off to the rubber green room for MSNBC Neanderthal Ed Schultz, who called Laura Ingraham a “slut” several times on his bottom-rated radio program yesterday.  He’s been suspended for a week without pay, and reportedly offered to leave MSNBC indefinitely.

Schultz announced the suspension on his show after an on-air apology: “I am deeply sorry, and I apologize.  It was wrong, uncalled for, and I recognize the severity of what I said.”

Can you make a list of women who Schultz could not have called a “slut” without instantly ending his career, without further discussion?  Of course you can.  No conservatives are on it.

For her part, Laura Ingraham is taking it all in stride.  “There are big problems facing this country, and big problems facing this culture,” she said on the air this morning, by way of explaining her “meh” reaction.  She said Schultz left her an apologetic phone message while she was watching American Idol, but she hasn’t called him back yet. 

Ingraham also joked that she was more creeped out by MSNBC has-been Keith Olbermann’s attempt to defend her, saying “I’d rather have an apology for that.  I think she’s going to be okay, folks.

Ingraham is trying to arrange for Schultz to appear on her show, which is an awfully nice thing for her to do, since it would increase his audience by a factor of ten. 

Reporting on the Schultz suspension, and a few other crude remarks which have emitted from Schultz over the years, Jeff Bercovici of Forbes said “MSNBC is learning, yet again, what happens when you build a network around strong personalities and unfiltered opinions.” 

No, this is what happens when you hire raving loons to provide lowest-common-denominator content.  Anybody can get on the air and gurgle insults mixed with weary leftist cant ripped from whack-job websites.  Plenty of media outlets, on both Left and Right, manage to offer “strong personalities and unfiltered opinions” without calling anyone a slut.