John Edwards Will Be Prosecuted

The Justice Department has given the go-ahead to prosecute John Edwards for violating campaign laws, as part of his frantic efforts to hide his mistress and illegitimate child.  The decision comes after years of investigation by a federal grand jury. 

According to the ABC News affiliate in Edwards’ native North Carolina, Edwards “now knows that federal prosecutors intend to indict him,” and is “deciding how to proceed now that the Justice Department has given the green light for him to face criminal charges.”

Who’s John Edwards?  I would understand if you don’t quite remember him, since the media lost interest in him after he became a chew toy for federal prosecutors.  He used to be all over newspapers and TV.  He’s a fabulously rich trial lawyer and former Senator from North Carolina, who ran for President in 2008, and was John Kerry’s running mate in 2004.

Who’s John Kerry?  Never mind, we’ll have to cover that in another column.

Edwards was noted for an incredibly arrogant and sanctimonious class-warfare theme about “two Americas,” in which he would be the champion of struggling, working-class America B, even though he raked in millions as a slippery trial lawyer and dwelled in a gigantic mansion located squarely in America A. 

Also living in that mansion was his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, a noble soul who passed away last December.  Edwards liked to make frequent trips into America B to visit his mistress, Rielle Hunter, who ostensibly worked for his campaign, producing campaign videos.  She also produced an illegitimate child, which Edwards was desperate to hide during his presidential bid.  To this end, he shoveled a million dollars of campaign money at Hunter and campaign aide Andrew Young, who pretended to be the father of Hunter’s child.

Democrats just love to spend other peoples’ money, don’t they?  Even a guy whose net worth was better than $50 million at the time still wouldn’t pay for his own cover-up.  It’s ironic that this might be what puts him behind bars, or at least on the wrong end of a humiliating plea agreement that blows away the last few ashes of his reputation… especially since absolutely no one in the media was even slightly interested in his extramarital affair, except for the National Enquirer.

Andrew Young eventually grew tired of being a fall guy for Edwards, cashed in with a gossipy book, and testified before the grand jury.  The Democrat Party found other people to be its class-warfare standard bearers.  John Edwards faces indictment for betraying campaign finance laws to cover up the betrayal of his wife.  I suspect he will cut a deal with prosecutors, since a high-profile trial would force him back into the media spotlight one last time, and nobody wants that.