Governor Walker to Sign Voter ID Bill

Chalk up another victory for Wisconsin Republicans and Governor Scott Walker as they seek to restore sanity to their state. Following the lead of ten other states, Wisconsin will now start requiring voters, with some exceptions, to provide photo identification when they vote. Such a common sense measure designed to deter voter fraud should be welcomed by anyone interested in free and fair elections, so it comes as no surprise the champions of voter fraud are up in arms.

After an eight-year quest by GOP officials, Gov. Scott Walker will sign a bill Wednesday requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls.

But the measure costing more than $7 million in new spending and lost revenue could still face a legal challenge as opponents mulled over the possibility of suing to block it from taking effect.

The legislation will require poll workers to start asking voters for photo IDs for the July 12 state Senate recalls elections, but the voters will not be required to present them until next year’s presidential primary.

“Requiring photo identification to vote will go a long way to eliminate the threat of voter fraud,” Walker said last week. “If you need an ID to buy cold medicine, it’s reasonable to require it to vote.”

It all makes complete sense, until you hear the caterwauling from Democrats.

“This is voter suppression,” Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) said during the Senate vote approving the bill last week. “This is voter disenfranchisement. This is voter confusion. This is voter restriction. This is a voter discouragement bill.”

Of course when Democrats thwart the will of the people, why, that’s just democracy in action or something.

Republicans have sought the requirement for nearly a decade but were stymied largely by former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who vetoed the measure three times between 2003 and 2005. Since then, Democrats in the Legislature have prevented the change from advancing to the governor’s desk.

Those days are over. Of course there are exceptions to the new requirements, which won’t go into effect until presidential primary elections in 2012. Those living in nursing homes and institutions, as well as those who refuse to have a photo ID due to religious reasons, are exempt. Nursing homes have long been a hotbed of Democrat voter fraud, so you can expect huge get-out-the-vote campaigns among seasoned citizens statewide, especially once Democrats have finished scaring the old folks by claiming the evil Paul Ryan wants to “kill” Medicare.

Meanwhile, in yet another common sense measure and a victory for taxpayers, Republicans are planning to completely eliminate public financing for political campaigns. Naturally, one of the fleebagger Democrats flipped out.

Poplar Democratic Senator Bob Jauch called the move disgusting.

“It’s pathetic to think that Wisconsin — a state that has promoted transparency, a state that has encouraged clean and open elections — is about hand the keys of our election process completely over to those with the deepest pockets, those with the greatest amount of money, those who can write the largest checks,” he said.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it? A man living on the public teat for 25 years who fled the state when he didn’t get his way is now lamenting the loss of more taxpayer money. What a pity.