Baby Being Raised Genderless

Hey, it’s Canada. What do you expect? Seems about up their alley. 

Now let’s meet Storm Witterick. He/she’s the poor little Canadian infant whose gender we don’t know because his parents won’t release it. In fact, his parents told local reporters that they’re raising the kid genderless because “the world is ruled by stereotypes and [they] want Storm to have the right to choose whether to identify with a boy or a girl.”

I won’t add anything else. That quote speaks for itself. This incident does remind me, however, of when I was a college student and the psychology professor asked the class how many genders there were in the world. Naively, I raised my hand to answer “two.”  I was way off, apparently. The class then got a lecture on “third” and “fourth” genders, perhaps even “fifth,” although I’m not really sure, since I started daydreaming after having been admonished by my prof for believing there were only males and females in this world.

Here’s a video of the baby Storm Witterick – can you guess what gender he/she is? If not, don’t worry – the little one will figure it out one day when he/she’s changing in front of his/her peers in the locker room. If not, his/her gym teacher will notify him/her. Immediately.

Baby being raised genderless: