Trump Now Says He Won't Rule Out Presidential Run


The gang on Fox and Friends had a telephone chat with Donald Trump this morning.  After assuring the hosts their show is incomparable, Trump said he was rather less thrilled by the current crop of Republican presidential candidates.

He finds it “a very sad thing” that he’s not “seeing a lot” out of the GOP field, and none of the existing candidates “is going to be beating Obama,.”  However, he still really believes “the right candidate” can win this election.

What would such a Right Candidate look like?  Well, according to Donald Trump, he would have looked a lot like Mike Huckabee or Donald Trump.  Too bad they’ve both announced they’re not running.

“But, who knows?” mused The Donald.  Stranger things have happened…”

Asked directly if he might re-consider his decision to get out of the race, Trump replied, “I would not rule it out.”

2012 will be “the most important election, except George Washington and Abraham Lincoln,” according to Trump.