Israeli Protesters Hold a "We Won't Commit Suicide??? Rally in Tel Aviv

More hope and change…

Israeli protesters held a “We Won’t Commit Suicide” rally today in Tel Aviv.

Patriot Caroline Glick led the protest in front of the US Embassy.

The protesters begged President Obama, “Don’t send us to our death!”

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Tal Perry left his Tel Aviv office where he works for a hedge fund to tie a noose around his neck on the city’s boardwalk by the sea. The black haired smiling 27-year-old wasn’t trying to commit suicide. He was part of a small group of right wing Israelis who wanted to send a simple message to US President Barack Obama: “Do not hang us” by promoting a suicidal policy.

Exactly at the moment that Obama was addressing the American Public Affairs Committee in Washington, the protesters gathered at the boardwalk just outside of the American embassy, where they hung large white and red banners of the gray steel barrier that said: “Israel won’t commit suicide.”

Other smaller signs read: “Israel can’t be divided,” “Obama change your mind,” and “No, to the Auschwitz lines of 1949.”

Today Obama repeated his plan to push Israel back to the 1967 border. Obama said it was “nothing new.” That was another Obama lie.