Ted Rall's Wake Up Call


“There’s less room for a leftie during the Age of Obama than there was under Bush.  I didn’t realize how besotted progressives were by Mr. Hopey Changey.”

Thus says Ted Rall, the nauseating left-wing “humorist” who suddenly finds his cartoons difficult to sell to liberal publications, after taking a few shots at President Obama.

These were mostly shots from the Left.  Rall is angry that “Obama extended and expanded Bush’s TARP giveaway to the banks; continued Bush’s spying on our phone calls; ignored the foreclosure crisis; refused to investigate, much less prosecute, Bush’s torturers; his healthcare plan was a sellout to Big Pharma; he kept Gitmo open; expanded the war against Afghanistan; dispatched more drone bombers; used weasel words to redefine the troops in Iraq as “non-combat”; extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich; claiming the right to assassinate U.S. citizens; most recently, there was the forced nudity torture of PFC Bradley Manning and expanding oil drilling offshore and on national lands.”

His rejection letters include comments that “readers of our site would not be comfortable with your (admittedly on point) criticism of Obama,” and assertions that “our first African-American president deserves a chance to clean up Bush’s mess without being attacked by us.”

Rall is a psychotic anti-American who deserves every ounce of obscurity the “New McCarthyism” gives him, but it’s surprising that he finds any aspect of his fate surprising.  The Obama mystique is a classic cult of personality.  They understand their leader’s image is their most valuable asset. 

Obama himself is nervous and insecure about his press coverage, leading to all sorts of heavy-handed behavior against the press when they displease him.  He routinely treats media outlets which displease him in a manner that would have filled the streets with reporters carrying ugly signs and signing protest chants, if George Bush had done it.  The President and his political team apparently don’t care if their temper tantrums make them look childish and thin-skinned.

Obama’s re-election campaign – currently in progress, to the exclusion of all other presidential duties – includes a strange recurring theme that “it’s okay to disagree with the President.”  This is the kind of point repeatedly made by someone who does not think it’s okay to disagree with them.  It treats dissent as a kind of mental illness, which can be overcome with the love and support of loyal Obama worshippers.  Those nagging doubts will clear once the troubled voter has a good night’s sleep, and the pod under his bed hatches.

There’s a difference between criticism, censorship, and exclusion.  Criticism is an exercise of free speech.  Censorship is the denial of free speech.  Exclusion is what happens when every formerly friendly editor suddenly decides not to buy your work anymore.  They were never under any legal or ethical obligation to buy it in the first place, but it’s still rather disturbing to see them all develop good taste in editorial cartoons simultaneously. 

 The occasional half-hearted liberal attemtps to deny left-wing media bias always mock the notion of secret meetings in super-villain hideouts, where slanted coverage is synchronized.  The exposure of the infamous “JournoList” showed that some degree of co-ordination does exist.  The Ted Rall saga demonstrates why very little formal cooperation is necessary, in the Age of Obama.