'The Next Middle East War'

In early January, Chuck DeVore, a former California lawmaker and U.S. intelligence officer who’s now an  author and Middle East expert, predicted the turmoil in Egypt, weeks before it erupted, in the pages of Investor’s Business Daily.  The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Chuck DeVore … beat the CIA to predicting the Egypt Crisis.”

DeVore is now forecasting war between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah in mid-August, 2011.  This is the premise of his exclusive to Human Events special report, The Next Middle East War, at 22 pages with maps, charts and photos.  It is a quick, informative read that summarizes the origins of today’s unrest and how the conflict might unfold. 

DeVore explains who the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah are, and their objectives (destroy Israel, kill the Jews, then take on Western Civilization).  DeVore also outlines the goals of other regional actors, such as Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Using his extensive military intelligence and foreign affairs background, he also provides a day-by-day scenario for the coming conflict and its aftermath—all in a style that is as gripping as it is explanatory.

DeVore studied Islamic political thought at American University in Cairo, Egypt, in the 1980s—before it became fashionable.  As a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel of military intelligence, he understands military operations and the capabilities of armament.  In the latter part of the Reagan administration, DeVore was a White House appointee in the Pentagon as a special assistant for foreign affairs.  In that capacity, he traveled to the Middle East.

During his most recent trip to Israel, his fifth since 1984, DeVore was extensively briefed on the Middle East region by officials in the highest echelons of Israel’s diplomatic and intelligence establishment. 

DeVore brings all of this knowledge and analytical skill to bear for Human Events readers.  Signing up for the special report is free and there is no obligation. Go here to request your free copy of The Next Middle East War.