Obama's Indiscriminate World


“Prosperity requires tearing down walls that stand in the way of progress,” declared an angry Sarah Palin today, responding to the latest scandals surrounding ObamaCare waivers and the National Labor Relations Board’s crusade against Boeing.  “The corruption of the elites who steal from the people. The red tape that stops a business. The patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect.”

Whoa, sorry, I switched around a few pages from my notes.  That was actually Barack Obama, talking about the political and economic needs of the Middle East.  We’ll “invest in the Middle East to foster growth and entrepreneurship,” but we’ll stop that nonsense cold in South Carolina, if a powerful union doesn’t like it.

Likewise, the same President who thinks American border security is a moral outrage, peddled by people who secretly dream of alligator-filled moats, wants to give the Palestinians some nice, secure borders of their own.  This would involve re-drawing the borders of Israel to generally conform to their 1967 positions, before a genocidal Arab army rolled across them.  It will be especially hard to make this border modification on Palestinian maps, since they don’t include Israel at all.

It’s remarkable how simple current events become, if you forget about history.  Calling for a return to Israel’s 1967 borders is easy, if one does not dwell on why they looked they way they did in 1968.

Or maybe it’s not so easy after all, since within an hour of the speech, analysts were scrambling to figure out precisely what borders Obama wishes to draw.  How much will New Israel and Hamastan be based on the outline of Israel from the 1960s, or 1940s?  Who knows?  The important thing is to give the terrorists as much say in drawing those borders as their victims.

The President’s ideas for Israeli and Palestinian co-existence demand very little from the people who have been randomly firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas.  It’s also best not to mention the families hacked to pieces with knives in their homes, for the crime of living in a part of Israel where terrorists say Jews are not allowed.  We certainly shouldn’t talk about the people who celebrated those murders by dancing in the streets and handing out candy.  Before we talk about handing land, autonomy, and doubtless even more foreign aid to the Palestinians, why don’t we challenge them to get through a few years without detonating any suicide bombs, or shooting anti-tank rockets into school buses?

Obama sternly advised the Palestinians that “efforts to de-legitimize Israel will end in failure.”  Then he did that for them, by repeatedly referring to the Israeli “occupation.”  I have a news flash for the President: to the ruling organizations of the Palestinian people, every inch of Israel is “occupied.”  They say this openly.  They teach it to their children.  Obama criticized those who have been “passing suspicion and hostility on for generations.”  You mean like this, Mr. President?

Life is simple in the indiscriminate world, where the demands of homicidal fascists are as valid as the actions of a functioning democracy.  Palestinians, stop making the Israelis angry by raining explosives on them.  Israelis, stop making the Palestinians mad by existing.  Then we can all get along!

Likewise, while commendably calling upon nations like Syria and Iran to respect the lives and dignity of their people, Obama uses a strangely passive voice that suggests he’s trying to be fair and see things from the dictators’ point of view, too.  “President Assad now has a choice,” he said of the grisly Syrian tyrant.  “He can lead that transition [to democracy], or get out of the way.”  The President sounds like he’s reading Tarot cards, not making demands of a morally inferior dictator. 

What’s so hard about saying “Bashar Assad is a murderer who should be brought to justice for the crimes he has committed against the people of Syria?”  Oh well, maybe he’ll chill out once Israel pulls its borders back.

“We cannot hesitate to stand squarely on the side of those who are reaching for their rights,” declared Obama.  What an ugly way to formulate a decent sentiment.  People don’t have to “reach” for their rights.  The founding fathers of American philosophy declared those rights are inherent and self-evident.  Are the people trying to get ObamaCare waivers “reaching for their rights,” too?

Obama actively dislikes dealing with foreign policy, because it bores and confuses him, while doing nothing to advance the domestic agenda he really cares about.  It showed during this speech, which was riddled with awkward pauses while he waited for applause that never came.  He wants to crank out some sound bites, grab a few billion more dollars from American taxpayers to sedate foreign leaders, and get back to the really interesting task of transforming the American people.