Bob McDonnell Puts David Axelrod in His Place

Spinning that would make any roller coaster enthusiast proud!

That’s what David Axelrod was doing when he appeared on NBC’s low-rated “Meet the Press” with Gov. Bob McDonnell recently.  Speaking to the governor, Axelrod carped, “You balanced the budget with $1.7 billion in money from the Recovery Act, you balanced your budget by borrowing $3 billion against future receipts on transportation … you borrowed money from your pension plan that you’re gonna have to return.”

There you have it:  In those few sentences went the smarmy David Axelrod’s attempt to show that McDonnell and Obama are alike.  A lot alike.  Spending and borrowing work.  Look at Virginia!

Except not really.

McDonnell responded to Axelrod’s erroneous objections in his exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS.  Take it away, Governor:

McDonnell also acknowledged that because the Supreme Court denied to do an immediate review on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, he and other state governors must implement the health care law’s costly provisions even though it remains in limbo.

“There are people that are in the process of setting up health exchanges that’ll take a few years to do,” he told us.  “We’ve had a change in health insurance regulations.  All that takes staff, time, and money in order to do, which is the main reason that we wanted the expedited review, because there are a lot of things that we are spending money on that we don’t have to do if we win the ultimate case.”