Virginia Gov Lopped Off a Quarter of Public Broadcasting's Funds

Gov. Bob McDonnell slashed the funding for public broadcasting in Virginia by 25%.

Twenty-five per cent!

Better yet, he was unapologetic about the move, telling HUMAN EVENTS that “we shouldn’t be paying for [public broadcasting].  We’ve got literally hundreds and hundreds of options.  The free market works well.”

There’s more.  McDonnell also told HUMAN EVENTS that 25% is just the beginning.  He promised to phase out the commonwealth’s subsidy entirely over the next two years.

So here you go, Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Gov. McDonnell, in which he highlights why Congress should take his lead and de-authorize federal funding for NPR and PBS.  Oh, and speaking of Congress, McDonnell insists that it overturn President Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling, which he says Obama prematurely instituted after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.