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Cain and Hasner Win Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party Straw Poll


Tea Party Ft. Lauderdale, proudly billing itself as “America’s longest running tea party,” has completed a week-long straw poll for the Presidential and U.S. Senate races.

Herman Cain came out on top of the Presidential straw poll, with 18.5% of the first place votes.  Second and third place went to Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, respectively.  There was also a very strong showing for Representative Allen West as a write-in candidate, putting him only a little behind Paul. 

On the other hand, the Tea Party Fort Lauderdale had little straw to offer Donald Trump, who racked up the highest total of “Least Liked” votes.

In the race to challenge Bill Nelson for the Senate seat from Florida, Adam Hasner was the big winner, taking 50% of the first-place votes.  There was a hefty pile of “undecided” votes, then Mike McCallister and George LeMieux came in second and third, with 12% and 10% of the vote.  State Senate president Mike Haridopolos had the highest total of “Least Liked” votes in the Senate race.

This was a small poll, with only 197 respondents, but it’s an interesting measurement of Tea Party sentiment in Florida.  They like their tea on ice, and their meat served red.


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