Former Dem Rep. Blasts US Policy at Tehran "Peace" Conference

Democrat Cynthia McKinney, wearing a black veil, told attendees she was ashamed of her country’s policies. (ISNA)

Former Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney told attendees at the Iranian international peace conference that she is truly ashamed of her country’s policies.

Iranian Fars News reported:

Former member of the US House of Representatives Cynthia Anne McKinney said she is truly ashamed of her country’s policies.

Addressing an international conference dubbed ‘International Coalition against Terrorism for Fair Peace’ here in Tehran on Saturday, the former US House member urged Washington to avoid imposing its will on the world nations through the use of force, violence and weapons. “As an American, I am upset with the policies of my country, but the measures adopted by the first Afro-American president of the United States has ashamed us all,” she said.

“If there is no truth, there won’t be any justice, and today the US policies are rooted in lies, injustice and war,” she continued. Noting the United States’ aggravating economic conditions, she said the high rate of infant death toll in the United States is even worse than the European Union.

Maybe they’ll keep her?

Cynthia McKinney was also a proud member of the Hamas-sponsored Gaza flotilla.