Perfect. Michael Moore Will Join Keith Olbermann on New Show


Like two peas in a pod.

Anti-American pro-Osama Bin Laden socialist Michael Moore will join screwball Keith Olbermann as a contributor on his new show.

Digital Journal reported:

Keith Olbermann’s supportive commentary on filmmaker Michael Moore’s criticism of the Osama bin Laden killing comes on the heels of Mr. Moore’s decision to join Olbermann’s Current TV program as a contributor.

Liberal television news commentator Keith Olbermann, working now for Al Gore’s Current TV venture, has added a new contributor to his “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” program, with the announcement on Wednesday that filmmaker Michael Moore will join the Olbermann team, Reuters reported.

The new Olbermann show will premiere on June 20 on Current TV and will also feature contributions from comedian Richard Lewis and filmmaker Ken Burns. “I’m delighted and honored that so many of my friends — who are not coincidentally among the top progressive and entertainment voices in the country today — will be joining me as contributors to ‘Countdown’ on Current,”

Olbermann said, according to Reuters. “I hope these talented individuals, and the others we are to announce in these weeks before the premiere on June 20 will give viewers a sense of the strength and depth of the franchise we’re assembling.”

The Michael Moore decision comes at a volatile time for the controversial filmmaker, after Mr. Moore made highly critical comments of the Obama administration’s decision to kill Osama bin Laden.

Olbermann supported Michael Moore’s pro-Osama Bin Laden rant this week.