Ron Paul Announces Presidential Run

Rep. Ron Paul announced on Good Morning America that he is making another run at the presidency.

Paul said that “people are agreeing with much of what I’ve been saying for 30 years” and that this was a good time to jump in the race.

During the 2008 GOP primaries, Paul’s supporters were the most energetic, partly because the crop of candidates during that cycle were subpar at best.

During that cycle, Paul’s supporters shocked the mainstream media by raising millions through the use of online “moneybombs,” where supporters donate to a candidate’s coffers on a given day.

His fervent supporters and his principled opposition to big government programs helped spark what is known as the modern Tea Party movement, and he still remains a darling of libertarian minded voters.

Paul’s challenge will be harnessing the fervent energy of his supporters and organizing it to broaden his support, which he failed to do in the 2008 cycle. In one instance, Paul could not strategically use the millions his supporters donated because they had donated the money too late in the cycle to make a difference.

Paul made the announcement in New Hampshire, where he will made his first campaign appearance as an official candidate.

Paul is pro-life, but often draws ire from social conservatives and foreign policy conservatives, particularly after his remarks earlier this week that said he would not have gone into Pakistan to take out Osama bin Laden.

Paul’s opposition to the Federal Reserve and other big government programs that infringe upon people’s liberties has been consistent and, he claims, recent events have shown him to be both prescient and right.

Paul’s challenge will be convincing enough Republicans that he should be rewarded for his prescience on fiscal issues that may be the top concern of 2012 primary voters.