Mike Huckabee Travels Through Time

If Mike Huckabee still harbors any desire to make a White House bid, his partnering with this outfit to promote a video history of America to school kids has provided his opponents enough cannon fodder to last a lifetime. While we understand the motivation to teach history as it actually happened and to remind the youth that not everything should be seen through a politically correct view, producing cartoons that come off like a parody of how the left views conservatives may not be the best way to approach the project.

Have a look at this video that brings us back to 1980.

Now did your jaw hit the floor around the 0:25 mark when that menacing, knife-wielding man wearing a “Disco” t-shirt demanded money? Who on earth thought this was an appropriate memory of 1980? Sure, we were living in the final year of the disastrous Carter presidency, but does anyone recall being attacked on the street of DC by guys wearing “Disco” t-shirts? They may as well written the name Willie Horton underneath the word “Disco,” because if Huckabee ever got the Republican nomination you can be assured that video clip would be on a continuous loop.

The ridicule Huckebee receives for this will be merciless. Did he or anyone associated with this sit down and watch the video and think this would be a big seller? Is there anyone on Team Huckabee with the slightest bit of media savvy?