AWKWARD: Facebook CEO's Interview with Human Events

Mark Zuckerberg sure does have a man-crush on Barack Obama.

After all, the Facebook co-founder and CEO gave President Obama unfettered access to millions and millions of online users at Facebook’s recent town hall, held to rip Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan and call for higher taxes on the “rich.”

For Obama, it was a campaign stop to spark a Youth Vote that overwhelmingly went to him in 2008, and which he’ll need in 2012.

Zuckerberg is not an Obama campaign official, however.  He runs a media enterprise, and his customers vary across the political spectrum.  In fact, more than 26,000 people have already signed the HUMAN EVENTS/RedState petition demanding equal time on Facebook. HUMAN EVENTS Editor Jason Mattera interviewed Zuckerberg and asked him whether he’ll pledge to hold a similar town hall with the eventual GOP presidential nominee.  Zuckerberg’s response was, well, awkward.

See the parody for yourself: