Would You Like Some Apple Pie With Your Economic Recovery?

It seems so long ago that Barack Obama claimed jobs were the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning and the last thing he thinks about before going to bed. Well, he also said the same thing about national security, but nobody in his pom-pom media dared to point that out. Anyway, coming off a week where our fearless president has been doing an extended victory lap in the wake of the Osama bin Laden liquidation, this morning we were jolted back to the reality he’s been an abysmal failure when it comes to the economy. Remarkably though, if you peruse stories noting unemployment is now back at 9%, you would think we’re in the middle of an economic boom.

The New York Times spins wildly with a headline that reads Strong Job Report Shows U.S. Economy Gaining Steam. You really have to wonder what sort of alternate reality these folks are living in. The Department of Labor claims we’ve added 244,000 jobs in April, yet 62,000 of those were a result of a one-day hiring spree at McDonald’s. So roughly a quarter of jobs added were at McDonald’s.

There used to be a time when the left condescendingly sneered about McJobs, but that was back in those awful days when Ronald Reagan was overseeing the greatest peacetime employment expansion in American history. While we’re happy those 62,000 people found work, don’t expect Mickey D’s to be adding that number of employees every month.

It’s worth noting that the dreary 9% unemployment figure is deceptive, as it doesn’t reflect the true unemployment number, which is reportedly more like 16%, as the Labor Department isn’t counting Americans who’ve given up looking for work. Even that dreadful figure is spun positively by ABC News:

The broader unemployment rate, which includes people who took part-time work when they wanted full-time or were just not looking because they didn’t believe there was a job out there is now at 15.9 percent (or 24 million). That’s actually pretty good as this measure – called the U-6 – was at 17 percent a year ago.

So according to ABC, 24 million people out of work is actually pretty good.

Meanwhile, Thursday it was reported that jobless claims unexpectedly rose to their highest level in eight months with one of the factors being — are you ready for this? — spring break layoffs. Yes, spring break layoffs. They fail to note that spring break is annually an expected event, but let’s not let reality intervene here. Those spring break layoffs followed a report earlier this year  that blamed a surge jobless claims on the snow effect. Goodness knows, if it ever actually warms up this year summer jobless claims will be blamed on it being too hot for people to work (no doubt Al Gore will hold a presser to blame it on global warming).

We’re over two years into Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus and we’ve seen little appreciable improvement in our economy. We’ve also got gas costing us around $4 a gallon average across the nation and food prices spiraling out of control. Is it any wonder why Obama suddenly has focused on everything but the economy? No matter how much spin the media churns out on his disastrous economic policies, the American people know the reality, and if things don’t improve markedly within the next year, that old refrain of “are you better off than fours years ago?” will be words ringing in his ears every day.

Then again, you have the media saying rising unemployment just made a good week better for him and that Koolaid still tastes mighty fine to his supporters.

Update: It’s worth noting the NY Times article linked above originally had the headline Strong Jobs Report Shows U.S. Economy Gaining Steam. Well, what do you know, they went and changed the headline to April Job Data is Strong, But Some Doubt Trend Can Last.

Very weak. Of course, that original headline went out to the entire world and a Google search shows how widely that misleading headline was disseminated. Heckuva job, NYT. Water-carrying mission accomplished!

Thanks to The Rhetorican for noting their deception.

Strong Job Report Shows US Economy Gaining Steam


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