Unreal. Obama Allows Photos of Dead US Soldiers But Not Dead Terrorist

This ought to make you sick… 

The official Obama policy:

Photos of dead US soldiers – Good.

Photos of dead Osama Bin Laden – Bad.

In February 2009, his second month in office, Barack Obama changed official policy to allow photos of dead US soldiers. The LA Times reported:

The Obama administration has decided to open the gates of Dover. In a policy to be unveiled today, Pentagon officials told reporters, Defense Secretary Robert Gates — the only holdover from the Bush administration — will announce that news photos of flag-draped coffins will be allowed, as long as families agree.

But, this week Barack Obama announced that he would not release photos of dead Osama Bin Laden. The White House said:

“There are sensitivities here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing photos of Osama Bin Laden… because of the sentitivities… Does it serve or harm our interests domestically and locally. It could be inflammatory.”