Biological Weapons In The Hands of Islamic Terrorists: Could Be or Will Be?

Biological weapons and biological terrorism are very interesting phenomenas which request the special approach. The modern age is interested in non-conventional things, therefore the conflicts will be  inspired by non-conventional weapons. Biological weapons are non-conventional weapons and biological terrorism are the reality which will exist tomorrow too. International Realations were changed and the soft and the hard power of states are endangered by new transnational terrorist organizations and terrorists who do not choose instruments in realization of theirs goals. Biological terrorism, actually, misuse of biological weapons by the terrorists is only one side of this misuse. Biological weapons could be abused by the states too and many states are developing their biological weapons program and this is why many of them broke the international agreement and make the whole world to be afraid of biological weapons.

A biological weapon is a nuclear bomb of the poor. It could be produced in very similar way and it could be very efficient. It is a weapon of mass destruction and the mass destruction is “a new goal of old-fashioned terrorists”

Some years ago, actually in 1999-2000 was started The secret Project Bacchus, by The Defense Threat Reduction Agency. This project had a mission to show is it possible and how is it possible for someone ( terrorists or lonely fanatics ) to construct biological weapons. Where they could find material? How can they order it? Who will make biological weapons at the end of the day and whit which knowledge? The secret project Bacchus shown us that there is no control of ordering of biological material, there is no control of all of the people who use that biological material and noone check them about their final purposes. In the other words, this absence of control means existence of biosecurity threat. The basic problem is located in the fact that everyone, terrorist or state, could get the “germs” and then could organize the biological attack. It is easy, easier that any conventional attack which requests so many logistic support. Then comes the project Jefferson, in 2001.,  which researches the micro world of biological agents and their potential to be misused in biological terrorism .That is the most obvious reason why american government put about 128 millions dollars in the project Enbek, in last 5 years, to ensure that strategy of Biodefense is based on good ground. This project will answer on any biological security question and will deal with any biological challenge, risk or threat. But even in this official background for possible problem, what we should do with so many private labs across the U.S.?

Most of them work without any monitoring. They are producing and selling genetic material to anyone who has enough money to pay it. Islamic terrosts would give money for such a good pleasure. They also could find some frustrated and asocial professional who has problems with  belonging to the system and they could pay him to share with them KNOW AND HOW. That means they could attack population by some germs. Security experts are maybe prepared for potential attack by 10 known biological agents, but what would happen if terrorists  make impact by some 11th, unknown agent. General Collaps.

There are people inside the America who hate America and Americans but still live there and earn the money. Some of them express their hate in public and they are not so dangerous as those who live in the shadow of american system and who grow up their hate against the America in the silence.The main question is the next one: what they could do and when they will do it?We should stopp them. Not then or after then. NOW.

It is also very concerning the potential making of a live biological bomb. For example: we have some terrorist who is located in the U.S. He makes plans in which way he could attack deadly the U.S. He decided to go to Africa, in Angola, and to infect himself with the Ebola Virus. Hemoragic Fever as Ebola Virus is  99 % deadly disease.He will infect himself but he will probably travel by plane and be in contact with other people. He will infect them, they will infect the others and that virus will be spreading. Then he will come to the U.S. and keep living his life. He will try to be in contact with so many people and to try to infect as more of them as he can. The simple epidemic rules will finish that job. It will be epidemy first and even pandemy if noone react on time and properly.He will die but he will day as islamic martyr and many people will die as victims of terrorist attack.

If we do not want to have the catastrophe inside the U.S. or on the global level or mostly everywhere, we should think about making the strategy of Biodefense, in state level and also the all states must think about making the common strategy of Biodefense.

Only state and society which achieve biological security are developed state and developed society. Biological weapons and biological terrorism are big threat to biological security and that is why we need a good strategy of Biodefense on time.

First of all, with good Strategy of Biodefense, many channels and roads for possible biological terrorism would be stopped or controlled at least. State and non-state labs should make regularly reports on month level about every client who order material. That means they should make their own data about the purpose and the professional background of that order. The responsible Biosecurity board should be informed about every order which is out of regular expectations. This is deep request and very expensive step but it is the only logical way for reducing of the opportunities for biological terrorism.

Biological weapons and biological terrorism are our reality but with wise approach we could put them under the control and also we could save our concept of biological security and realize the prosperity of whole society and state.