Top 10 Barack Obama Blunderings

Even beyond his disastrous policies, President Obama is turning out to be a terrible politician.  The great orator and master campaigner of 2008 is stumbling through his presidency, piling up gaffes and making odd political moves.  Here are the Top 10 Barack Obama Blunderings:

1.  Tone-deaf priorities:  When the American people were desperate for jobs, President Obama used all his political capital to jam health care reform down their throats.  Then, when voters spoke loud and clear in the midterm elections that they wanted government to live within its means, Obama put out a budget with increased spending.  Do we really need an expensive high-speed rail system when the deficit is spiraling out of control?

2.  Doesn’t know when to shut up:  Obama has fallen in love with his own words so much that he doesn’t realize that sometimes it is best just to say nothing.  For example, when he disparaged the Cambridge, Mass., police officer in the Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest.  Or when he needlessly inserted himself into the Ground Zero mosque controversy.  And did he have to go from country to country apologizing for America’s misdeeds?

3.  Slow to react:  It took Obama more a month before addressing the American people on the BP oil spill and he diddled for weeks without a clear policy as the Middle East erupted.  His moves on the Bush tax-cut extension and on deficit reduction were made only after Republicans forced his hand and as a deadline neared.

4.  Partisan rants:  His speech in March ripping into Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is symptomatic of Obama taking highly partisan positions on critical issues.  As someone who ran for President promising to transcend partisanship, Obama has done anything but, as he continues to demagogue rather than lead.

5.  Leisure-time overkill:  Every President needs some rest and relaxation to unwind, but Barack Obama takes downtime to a new level.  With his frequent golf outings and pickup basketball games, his many vacations, and the numerous concerts and ball games, Obama sends a message that having fun takes priority.

6.  Campaign missteps:  As masterful as his presidential campaign was run, Obama’s campaigning for Democratic candidates in the 2010 midterm elections was a disaster.  His attempt to link the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to foreign campaigns donors fell flat and he created a needless controversy when he urged Latinos to “punish” their enemies.

7.  Can’t communicate:  The great orator of 2008 was easily mocked when it became apparent how much he relied on a teleprompter, even setting up the machine in an elementary school classroom.  But as his presidency progressed, even the teleprompter failed to help, as most of his speeches began falling flat.

8.  Out of touch:  At a time when Americans are suffering due to the poor economy, Obama seems to relish every glitzy trapping of the White House.  From black-tie galas to Kennedy center concerts, from New York date nights to expensive vacations in Spain, Vail, and Martha’s Vineyard, President and First Lady Obama are living like royalty.

9.  Protocol gaffes:  Obama showed he knew little about diplomatic protocol when he gave the back of his hand to the “special relationship” between the U.S. and England, returning a bust of Winston Churchill to the British, and then giving gifts of an iPod to the Queen of England and a DVD of American movie classics to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  And Mr. President, bowing to Saudi kings sends a message of subservience to the world.

10.  Insensitive to Middle America:  How is it that the President can release special greetings in the last year to Muslims for their Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid al-Adha holidays, yet fail to issue an Easter or a Good Friday message to the nation?  Perhaps the answer is that he views many of his fellow countrymen as bitter people who cling to their guns and religion.