Radical Mob Busts Through Police Barricade at Terry Jones Protest (Video)

The radical mob protesting Terry Jones broke through the barricades and stormed across Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan.

The All American blogger has more on the unruly mob.

Mohamed Amal holds up the Quran during a protest against Pastor Terry Jones, who spoke in front of Dearborn, Michigan’s City Hall before a handful of supporters on Friday, April 29, 2011. Jones was protesting against Islamic ideas that he says threaten the United States. (WILLIAM ARCHIE / DFP)


The Muslims chucked bottles and shoes at the Jones protesters. The Detroit Free Press reported:

Angered, some of those protesters stormed past their police barricades and marched across Michigan Avenue as they hurled bottles and shoes at Jones’ supporters across from them. One woman spit in Jones’ direction. The young crowd then pushed down a security fence that separated them from Jones’ supporters and surged forward, their faces tight with anger. For a moment, it appeared a major clash was about to break out.


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