AUDIO: Kate Marries Prince Willy and America Struggles to Care

Alas, Kate Middleton is being taken off of the dating market, which means that yet another hot chick will miss out on the once in a lifetime chance to be romanced by the Fox and Rice Experience.  Sadly, another one bites the dust.  But let’s face it; the women that we at FRX usually end up with more closely resemble The Queen (the real Queen Elizabeth, that is, and not the youthful babe upgrade played by Helen Mirren).  But let’s be serious for a moment…our favorite Queen is Freddie Mercury.  It’s ironic that the same country that award The King’s Speech the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards could care less about The Prince’s Wedding!  To tell you the truth we’re not sure why we at FRX even care.  The Royals are a bunch of kooks…but that’s probably why we do care…enough to make fun of them.  We fought two wars against Britain, so we certainly have the right to not give a crap.  And, with that said, click the player below to be transported live to London for a fantastic report on the wedding of the decade!  Also, let us add for good measure; Rest in Peace, Princess Diana.

The Fox and Rice Experience Salutes The Royal Wedding by HumanEvents