The Press Conference We Didn't Get

President Obama held a press conference to announce the release of his birth certificate today, falsely claiming that this was important because obsession with the birth certificate was preventing adequate news coverage of his position on important issues.  Here are some issues the President has not seen fit to hold a press conference to discuss:

The continuing collapse of his war in Libya.  The siege of Misrata, which Obama demanded must stop immediately in an editorial he published in concert with British and French leaders, continues unabated.  Obama has authorized $25 million in “non-lethal” assistance to a Libyan rebellion that appears to have non-lethality down to a science.

The brutal oppression of Syrian demonstrators, by a man the Obama Administration described as a “reformer” only a few weeks ago.  The dissidents remain defiant, issuing a statement that if the dictator Assad “does not wish to be recorded in history as a leader of this transition period” to democracy, Syrians must “move forward along the same path as did the Tunisians, Egyptians, and Libyans before them.”  They might want to reconsider following the Libyan path.

The worsening situation in Afghanistan, where an Afghan military pilot gunned down eight American soldiers and an American contractor today, and hundreds of captured Taliban fighters recently escaped in a bizarre prison break.  The Associated Press reports “It was the seventh time so far this year that members of the Afghan security forces, or insurgents impersonating them, have killed coalition soldiers or members of the Afghan security forces.”  Are we still on schedule to begin drawing down our forces in Afghanistan this summer?

The historic first-ever press conference held by the Federal Reserve, at which Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is expected to announce the end of Obama’s “Qualitative Easing” monetary policy.  This is an absolute vindication for critics such as Sarah Palin, who correctly pointed out the negative inflationary consequences of this policy at the time of its passage.  Not long ago, it was said that every word spoken by the Fed chairman could send earthquakes rumbling through the markets.  Now they’ll be holding more press conferences than the President does. 

Skyrocketing gas prices, and the role of Administration policy in causing the problem.  We do not need any staged witch hunts for “price gouging” profiteers.  We need answers from Barack Obama, the man who caused this crisis as a matter of deliberate policy.  Why are offshore drilling projects a mortal threat to the Earth that must be stopped at all costs in American waters, but a noble bid for prosperity worthy of American subsidies in Brazil?  These policies should be listed, discussed, and defended before the American electorate.

The dire forecasts of Standard & Poor’s and the International Monetary Fund, which have predicted America could lose its AAA credit rating, and soon be surpassed as the world’s largest economy by China.  Obama should explain why he tried to suppress the Standard & Poor’s report.  If he had been successful, he would have deprived Americans of vitally needed information about the financial future of their country.

The Administration’s action against Boeing on behalf of labor unions, which former National Labor Relations Board chairman Peter Schaumber called “unprecedented.  Why is this unprecedented action, to block Boeing from opening a non-union production line in South Carolina, being taken?  What freedoms do American corporations retain?  Which companies will be next to find the federal government is teaming up with unions to control their business decisions?  Schaumber told Fox News that if the union claim is upheld, “it could jeopardize any company with unionized workers that wants to expand in a right-to-work state.”  Do the people who live in right-to-work states have any say in this?

Instead, we got a press conference about the release of Obama’s birth certificate.  If that distracted you from the above matters, or other important stories I haven’t listed, the White House thanks you for your cooperation.