Seniors Do Not Fear the Path to Prosperity


A new poll conducted by Gallup / USA Today has bloggers and policy wonks buzzing, because it shows that senior citizens are not afraid of Representative Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget, which includes substantial Medicare reforms.

In fact, seniors are the most supportive demographic for the Ryan plan, favoring it by 48 – 42 over President Obama’s non-existent budget plan.  These numbers might change if Obama should ever actually make a real proposal, instead of pumping out class warfare rhetoric and campaign speeches.  Senior citizens pay attention to the news, and do not like the acrid smell of vaporware.  By contrast, Obama’s biggest support comes from young voters, who love to get high on such fumes, and support Obama’s nothing over Ryan’s something by 53-30.

Some might wonder how this level of young support for Obama can be squared with years of polling that shows young people know perfectly well that Medicare and Social Security will be gone by the time they retire.  That’s not hard to explain at all.  Knowing the future is not the same thing as accepting it.  Obama rhetoric is the snooze bar to a wake-up call the young do not want to hear.  They always figured they would be older when Social Security went bankrupt.  They were wrong.

The support of seniors for Ryan’s plan is very bad news indeed for Democrats, who were heavily relying on a strategy to scare them to death over Medicare “cuts” in Ryan’s plans.  In truth, Ryan cuts nothing from existing beneficiaries that hasn’t already been cut by ObamaCare.  ABC News described the “major overhaul” of Medicare in the Path to Prosperity as follows:

“The Medicare program would also undergo major overhaul.  Senior citizens would be able to shop for coverage on insurance exchanges set up by their state, but instead of the federal government paying for every service as it currently does, each Medicare beneficiary would be alloted a certain amount of money based on their income.

“The changes would take effect in 2022 and impact those who are currently 55 years of age or younger.  Also starting in 2022, the age of eligibility for Medicare would increase by two months per year until it reaches 67 in 2033.”

Perhaps those who have observed the working of our clumsy federal bureaucracy during a long lifetime find Ryan’s promise of personal choice and control appealing.  Every American should find those things appealing enough to demand them unconditionally from those who can no longer hide decades of failure behind a flimsy screen of fraudulent dreams and manufactured nightmares.