Ron Paul Announces Formation of Exploratory Committee

Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul announced that he is officially forming an exploratory committee in Des Moines, Iowa. Paul said he would decide sometime in May whether he would seek the presidency.

Paul, whose libertarian leanings has inspired a group of fervent and passionate followers, ran in 2008, and his supporters brought the most energy to the race. In 2008, though, Paul had trouble harnessing the support that was gathering. For instance, the famous money bombs — one day fundraising blasts — often came too late for the campaign to turn those dollars into votes and positive press. Paul’s challenge in 2012 will be to better harness the fervent and passionate he has from libertarian-leaning Republicans, young Republicans, and those in the online universe.

During his announcement, Paul also announced the initial leaders of his leadership team.

Dr. Drew Ivers will be the Chairman. Ivers was a District Chairman once for Ronald Reagan and chaired the Iowa campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson in the past.

David Fischer will be the Vice-Chairman. Fischer, from Polk County, is described as a homeschool leader.

A. J. Spiker will also be a  Vice-Chairman. Spiker, from Ames, is described as a Realtor who serves on the Ames Economic Development Commission Board of Directors and a former Chairman of the Story County Republican Party.

“Iowa has a special place in American politics, and Dr. Paul is very pleased to announce the launch of his Exploratory Committee in the capitol of the Hawkeye State,” said Dr. Paul’s political director Jesse Benton in a statement. “We are also extremely proud to enjoy the support and leadership of Drew Ivers, David Fischer and A.J. Spiker. All three men are pillars of their communities and leaders of the Republican Party and will be tremendous assets as Dr. Paul makes his final decision about the 2012 Presidential campaign.”