Pro-Hamas Group Begins Anti-Israel Billboard Campaign in Seattle

A pro-Hamas leftist group from Seattle continued their attacks on Israel with a billboard campaign.

The Blaze reported:

The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign released this statement this week:

April 20 ­ Local human-rights activists are launching a billboard campaign as part of a continuing effort to expose the misuse of U.S. taxpayer money to support Israel’s ongoing discrimination against the Palestinian people. Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) will put up several billboards in Seattle with the slogan “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR PALESTINIANS ­ Stop Funding the Israeli Military.”

The first two billboards will go up on Elliott Ave West, just north of West Lee St, and on Lake City Way NE, just south of NE 104th St. The billboards follow SeaMAC’s Metro bus ad campaign launched last December: “ISRAELI WAR CRIMES: Your Tax Dollars At Work,” which was first approved, accepted and printed, then suddenly cancelled by King County.

With legal representation by the ACLU, SeaMAC has filed a lawsuit against King County for violating SeaMAC’s constitutional rights by refusing to honor a contract to run the ads.