The Kloppenburg Recount

On the morning after the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, JoAnne Kloppenburg raced to declare victory.  “You know, we ran a campaign that was focused on being positive and respectful,” Kloppenburg told reporters.  “The numbers showed that we won, and we are gratified to have that victory in hand.”

Suddenly, a previously uncounted pile of votes from Waukesha County rolled in, and Prosser won by over 7,000 votes.  The Kloppenburg tune changed immediately.  Yesterday, even though a recount is utterly futile and will cost Wisconsin taxpayers a million dollars, she insisted on holding one.

Everyone who urged Prosser to concede gracefully when he was two hundred votes in the hole has fallen strangely silent.  Blog posts have been meticulously scrubbed from various websites. 

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has chided Kloppenburg for her “unnecessary” recount demand, and said “the state would be better off if she hadn’t” asked for one. 

“It may well take several weeks and it’ll be an immense cost and it frankly begs the question of what the motive is,” a Prosser spokesman told the Associated Press.  “Because there is no statistical, logical, evidence-based, or even anecdotal reason to do this recount.”  Election law experts have pointed out that recounts rarely move the outcome by more than a few hundred votes.

This effort has nothing to do with logic or statistics.  It’s part of Kloppenburg’s true nature.  Despite her endless claims to be “non-political” during the campaign, she’s a union political operative, and this is hard proof for anyone who still needed any.  She’s got no problem with spending a million dollars of taxpayer money to create a bloody shirt Wisconsin liberals can wave over their heads at rallies, as they chant the names of “Waukesha County” and “County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus” as curses against their hated enemies. 

Pouring other people’s money into political efforts is standard operating procedure for her public union allies.  As always, private citizens will be compelled to provide funding for their adversaries in the War On Taxpayers.  The fight-fight-fighting forces of the union Left have no use for heroic sagas that end with graceful concessions.