AUDIO: Donald Trump for President!

This country and its rabble of liberty is sick and tired of sentences that begin with phrases like, “I regretfully disagree with my esteemed colleague.”  We’re sick of the stuffy, polite, Gimlet-drinking fancy people of Washington D.C., who forget what a self made American looks like.  Someone who is an employer of thousands of tax-paying Americans, and not a chieftain who uses the government bureaucracy to steal from those same taxpayers.  That’s why FRX is here to endorse Donald Trump for President.  Not everything he says, but the gravitas of the man himself.  Trump runs and manages a vast business empire that puts food in bellies and money in retirement funds.  What has Harry Reid or Barack Obama run?  A lemonade stand?  A Foot Locker?  What?  Note that this endorsement is ours alone, and not the opinion of HUMAN EVENTS.  With that said, we want to see the unvarnished Trump out there, busting glass jaws on the presidential campaign trail.  We want The Donald who will make you tremble and cheer simultaneously.  So come, follow us down memory lane to salivate at the potential spectacle of “TRUMP 2012,” and then click the player below to enjoy the ride.

The Fox and Rice Experience: Donald Trump for President by HumanEvents