Common Sense Prevails in New York

After a day of merciless ridicule from here and elsewhere, sanity has prevailed in New York State. Kids at summer camp will now be allowed to once again enjoy clandestine games of wiffle ball and freeze tag free of meddling legislators. “Embarrassed state Health Department officials Tuesday ripped up their controversial list of risky summer camp activities and vowed to start over.”

Naturally they had to throw somebody under the bus, and in this case it was the hapless David Paterson. “We are coming up with a new list and we are going to do it in a more sensible fashion,” said Health Department spokeswoman Claudia Hutton, who stressed that the list had been drafted by the “previous [Gov. David Paterson] administration.”

Well, since they’re going back to the drawing board it will be worth keeping tabs on these people. Liberals don’t take kindly to public humiliation and will no doubt try to sneak in some other limitations on the kids the next time around.